Visual Search is an E-commerce Revolution!

In the leading age of this fast-driven technical world, big industries are rapidly switching towards the visual search for providing their customers with a more understanding and faster medium to interact with e-commerce.

Famous proverb “A picture is worth a thousand words” manifests the importance of visual search!Visual Search is an E-commerce Revolution!

You would be shocked to know that our brain processes the visual information 60,000 times faster than the text-type information. It merely requires a time of less than 1/10 of a second.

With this much progress, doesn’t read an extensive description of a single scene seems too tedious? For you to keep up with technology, the business specialists of MarkWeb IT have gathered some interesting information to pay heed.

Visual Search is an E-commerce Revolution!

So, let’s start with seeing what is this visual search in actual?

Visual Search is a time saving, convenient, and beneficial strategy that is being fused in famed applications and websites, and has already been adopted by well-known search engines.

Visual Search is an E-commerce Revolution!

What is the Process?

The process to achieve accurate searches is performed via machine learning and artificial neural network programming which help a search engine to give precise results in a shortest possible time.

Visual Search is an E-commerce Revolution!

What does it Involve?

Visual Search involves a pictorial illustration of a particular user query, rather than providing a textual or voice-based answer. You can also add filters to your search regarding the color, size, type, time or even labeling.

Visual Search is an E-commerce Revolution!

Key Players of Visual Search

The tycoons of visual search are:

  • Pinterest
  • Google
  • TinEye

Visual Search is an E-commerce Revolution!Pinterest

Lens Your Look

Pinterest is probably one of the best search engines, which is used by 250 million people every month! Pinterest Lens is the new and the most advanced evolution in the industry of Visual Search that receives 600+ visual searches every month!

Use Pinterest Lens to find out the outfit designs which compliment your own self. Just take a picture of a thing from your home or closet that may be related to fashion, home decor, food, tattoos, cats, or what so ever to you text search area, and you will simply get a range of best ideas to try over!

Visual Search is an E-commerce Revolution!


Search What You See!

The topmost search engine Google proudly introduces after Google Goggles, the “Google Lens”. Whether it’s an attractive outfit, a place to explore, a mouth-watering meal, an unknown plant or an animal Google Lens gives you a completely different way to search.

It analyzes images and gives relevant result in milliseconds. Since being linked to Google Photos, Google Assistant, and iOS; it can be directly accessed from there. However, every phone isn’t compatible with it (Google Lens).

Visual Search is an E-commerce Revolution!


Reverse Image Search!

TinEye is a compatible search engine for image search and recognition. With a high search accuracy, it is very reliable to find anything that anywhere exists over the internet.

All you have to do to find the secret homes of a specific item all around the internet is to just upload the image in neglectable time and see the interesting result!

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