Tactics to Post on Social Media

Digital Marketing is considered worthy if it’s deriving your desired audience to your business. Although, without any doubt, it is very important to use excellent content with a blend of professional graphics skills to engage maximum people to your posts; time matters a lot. If your struggle of hours is going worthless, the issue is with nothing else than your post timing.

The best time and day to post on any social media is when most of your audience is online, but keep it in view that every social media demands different timing. See the info-graphic below:


Now there, I need the attention of all Digital Marketing Agencies because here are the “too essential” points to ponder with these days and times:

Tactics to Post on Social Media

The Time Zone

Which countries do you wish to target? Set the time zone accordingly! More audience means more time zones. There are different scheduling tools you can use for the purpose.

Tactics to Post on Social Media

Post What?

Just like the tea lovers prefer tea always and the coffee addicts last for coffee only, not every social media has a similar audience. Here, I have briefly explained what type of material is best to post over the four major social channels.

  1. Facebook users like natural and factual posts, bucket lists, and informational videos.
  2. Instagram users are attracted by alluring features of a particular product and its tags. Live posts and reposting user-content regarding your industry is also a strategic business use to reach more people.
  3. Pinterest is a world of infographics and step-wise picture guides. Your post titles should start with phrases like “how to, tips to, steps to, etc.” but they should all surround your particular domain.
  4. Twitter users are fascinated by short, descriptive content, relevant illustrative visuals, and hashtags. Retweeting and replying also play a vital role in engaging people in your post.

Tactics to Post on Social Media

Fruitful online marketing also requires from you to grow with your targeted audience, ask them for a question, feedback, a success story, a hidden fear, or anything whose solution can roll back to your business. But don’t keep a serious or hurting tone. You can also post relevant cartoon strips concerning your business.

Tactics to Post on Social Media

Social Media Optimization – SMO

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