Describe the value of booking an appointment

No need to get clever. Tell people exactly what you're

For example, fitness instructors might describe how

Remind visitors how easy it is to claim your offer and

Highlight the benefits of signing up for an appointment

For example, fitness instructors might describe how

For example, fitness instructors might describe how

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October 06, 2020
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November 02, 2020

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    Build a strong community sense by engaging with the members


    Our customers that are important to us and we value their presence

    Community Vibe

    Where our clients feel proud to be present and encourage others to join us


    Working together with our clients and celebrating achievements together

    How Email Marketing Team Can Help You

    We are a team of dedicated individuals, who aim to provide our clients with the best possible solutions that enable them to come at the forefront of their industry.

    Message Automation

    This allows marketers to send emails in response to an action or send email messages in a series.

    Html / Responsive Layout

    An HTML and CSS system for creating responsive email templates that adjust to the client’s device.

    Advanced List Maintenance

    An automated system for opt-outs, subscription changes, and removing invalid email addresses.

    CAN-SPAM Compliance Built-in

    A system in which no spamming issue will face by the reader and ensure the safety of the users.

    Easy Integration

    Easily integrate email marketing tools with any CMS that has been used in your website

    Dedicated IP Address

    A committed Internet Protocol address enhances the deliverability of a business.

    Most Popular Questions Related to Email Marketing

    Yes! Surprisingly, email marketing is up to 40 times more effective, according to a study done by McKinsey & Company. And consumers have spent 138% more time and money on the product because of email marketing, as compared to consumers who don't receive email offers.

    When you send an email once a month it helps to create your presence in someone’s mind. An email sent twice or thrice a month builds a connection. But, when you send emails four times a month it becomes consistent. 

    Some best practice for good subject lines are: 

    • Keep in short
    • Personalize it
    • Use simple and clear wordings

    Usually, 10%-15% of email open rates work well for the businesses. Though, it depends on your industry and its size and your target audience.

    There are different ways to measure email campaign, for example 

    • Conversion rate: Divide the number of recipients who completed action required by the email by a total number of emails delivered multiplied by 100.
    • Bounce rate: Divide the total number of email not received by customers by the number of emails sent, and multiply it with hundred.
    • Click through rate: Divide the total number of clicks on email by the number of emails sent, multiplied by 100.

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