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To start your online journey, you cannot have a website without a domain name. A website must need a domain name to have a digital presence. Alongside web design & development, MarkWeb IT also offers domain registration services for your website even if you do not develop your website with us. We make it easy to get your business online immediately and get excellent domain features by selecting your desired domain name. Since we are offering the domain registration service on the same platform where you can design and build your website through the experienced assistance, we are one of the best in the town. We offer complete domain name registration support (even if you are not entertaining a website with us) and contribute very competitive prices. Infect you will find our charges lower than any biggest hosts in the UK.

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We are proud to offer register domain services to the clients. We hold a team of highly skilled souls in the field of domain hosting, domain enrollment, recover a domain, transfer domain, and so on. You can ask for our services as much as you desire.

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How to Choose a Domain

If you want to own a website, you will begin by choosing a domain title for it. A domain is the focus of your internet identification. What points should you keep in determination while choosing a domain? Let's examine this one by one.

Keep the Name Short

You can enroll a name up to 63 characters long. But don't forget that people will not remember lengthy domain titles. If they do, they can create mistakes in typing the domain name or the emails with a long domain title. So, try to register abbreviated names.

Don't Use Trademarks

You should not register a brand name; even it is open. And if a trademark domain title is still accessible, there is a reason for it. The trademark proprietor can get back the domain from you. So, you should not run for a domain with the label name of a multi-million company.

Express Your Interest

Keep in mind that you should run for the one that fits your website. If you are building a website for a digital marketing company, you should go for .co or .net domains. And if you require to make a website for data purposes, you can go for .info extension.


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