What is Salesforce and the Tips and Tricks to Salesforce Integration?
What is Salesforce and the Tips and Tricks to Salesforce Integration?

Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform that is stored, administered, and executed over a network of remote servers. You can call it a cloud computing technology that is used to gear up all those modules of an agency which, in any way, interact with the customers.

If you are running a business, then Salesforce is the fastest pathway to map your idea into an efficient application. Let’s have a look at its general benefits we have managed to gather:

  • It delivers the brands and businesses with detailed customer information in both quality and quantity aspects.
  • By providing all the customer information right in their hands, it assists the business owners and other representatives to design their business process and cash flow autonomously.
  • Salesforce holds a vital position in synchronizing, structuring, and streamlining your tasks, team, and its requirements respectively.
  • Since it is a cloud-based technology, it offers accessibility. It means that wherever you have the internet, you can directly access salesforce!

Tips and Tricks to Salesforce Integration

The question is how? How will it be implemented to skyrocket our Return on Investment (ROI) and systematize our business?

And the solution to this question is to add “integration” in this radical tactic! Salesforce Integration is a mechanism for the execution of successful salesforce and for integrating with other businesses and applications you use.

At MarkWeb IT, we have been delivering our clients with seamless and cost-effective salesforce integration services. Let’s have a look at the tactics we use as the tips you must opt!

What are the Tips and Tricks to Salesforce Integration?

Tip#1 Start from Small

Once you have your CRM loaded into your Salesforce; the time comes to integrate it with your owned other businesses and applications. Many people misunderstand this integration with the incorporation of too intricate projects. We adopt and so, recommend the practical approach to start from smaller projects and move toward integrating the bigger ones.

What is Salesforce?

Tip#2 Identify the Strengths of Each of Your Business and Application

Before directly implementing salesforce integration, must identify the strengths of your businesses and applications. These strengths are the plus-points, and therefore they must be more than weaknesses. This task is quite time-consuming; where it necessitates research and market knowledge, it also requires your mental and physical involvement equally. Get in touch with us to achieve greater levels of operational efficiency, consistency, and revenue.

Tricks to Salesforce Integration

Tip#3 Choreograph the Process of Your Business and Cash Flow

Now that when you have done with the integration, and have been well-equipped with customer information, market knowledge, and quality aspects; you can now avail the second benefit of independently designing your business process and cash flow.

If your business is not generating enough revenue, it is clear to recognize that it needs salesforce integration! MarkWeb IT is one of the UK’s leading digital marketing agency. Our experience has been helping numerous businesses in boosting up their lead generation and revenue growth. Consult us for enjoying ever-rising success.

Top Effective Tips for Small Business Automation
Top Effective Tips for Small Business Automation

Today, when the online market is piled with so many digital marketing agencies and with the hefty workload, it has become crucial for small businesses to automate their brands if they actually want to keep up. Business Automation refers to the digital transformation of a brand that streamlines it and contours each of its sectors with a blend of the latest technologies and simplicity.

Tips for Small Business Automation

The Need and Importance of Business Automation

Consider the example of Charlie who used to make and sell delicious burgers. He won a lottery and decided to buy heavy machinery which could make the same burgers without the need of his manual effort. Was his decision good? Yes, it was good enough to change his life. Same is the buzzword “business automation”. It is an efficient replacement for your manual effort.

If your online marketing is not bearing fruits then it immediately needs digital transformation. So, in this article, we are going to share with you the top effective tips for small business automation.

Small Business Automation

Tip#1 Decrease the Number of Processes

A business stands on multiple executable processes. Each process with the support of its sub-processes performs a specific function. Their automation implies that you are expected to join a large number of the sub-processes into their primary ones; and delete the repetitive and obsolete processes for transparency. It will not only make your system fast and efficient but will also make it easy to administrate.

Tips for Business Automation

Tip#2 Hire Experts of Business Automation

Digital transformation is a comprehensive task that necessitates considerable attention from you. So, instead of tangling yourself in it, focus on your productions and get the services of experts like MarkWeb IT for the purpose. We have been providing professional business automation services for many years and we strongly recommend you to avail us.

Business Automation

Tip#3 Focus on Social Media and Email

It is very important to automate those processes like social media marketing and email marketing of your business because they generate maximum Return On Investment (ROI). Set a theme of your posts and updates, and schedule their timings. Also set automated reply messages so even when somehow you are unavailable, the people who reached out you will be informed.

Top Tips for Small Business Automation

Tip#4 Measure Your Performance

Must analyze and monitor your online presence via social media, customer support, marketing, finances, and many more sources. Google Analytics is an automated tool that lets you measure your performance regularly and in a shorter time span.

Top Tips for Business Automation

Business Automation is a long-term solution to the temporary but deadly issues of your brand. It reduces your expenditures and the possibility of manual faults; saves your time; increases the productivity, availability, scalability, and reliability of your brand; and improves your customer satisfaction. So, if you are running a digital marketing agency and haven’t considered its automation yet, this is the right time to collaborate with us and automate your brand with no hassle.

The Most Effective Marketing Strategies

The long-term success of a digital marketing agency lies behind its effective and flexible strategies.

Three considerable terms in the above sentence “long-term success”, “effective”, and “flexible” are mention worthy. Let’s start with effectivity and flexibility of an agency, and move toward the long-term success that is only possible with a blend of earlier two!

By effectivity, we mean those strategies which target a specific audience, focuses on their key benefits and withstands a well-maintained relationship with them. Where the flexibility of the strategies refers to a business structure that is viable to keep up with the changes.

Digital Marketing Agency London

Now, the most crucial term in the development of a business is “long-term success” which means a continuous revenue. And since it is conceivable with the prior two terms, let’s focus on the strategies which will make the mixture produce maximum ROI from your digital marketing agency.

Digital Marketing Agency London

Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy

Word of Mouth can be defined as any medium where people share their views and information regarding a particular product or project. The sharing can be verbally or non-verbally. If you are running a digital marketing agency and want to drive the maximum audience to your website, product, or project; word of mouth marketing can prove to be a great tactic.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great internet marketing tactic to follow. It is a part of your business plan and helpful in advertising the products and services for making a notable revenue and meeting the company’s defined goals. You can segment your messages on distinct levels and can make them appear ahead of a lot of people.

Network Marketing

Network marketing or multi-level marketing is a marketing strategy that generates revenue over the agency’s non-waged employees and earnings on the basis of the commission system.

Social Media Marketing

Utilizing different social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn for the advertisement of your products and services comes under Social Media Marketing (SMM). SMM depends on the use of particular social channel and the timing you opt to post for gaining maximum engagements and clicks. Our article The Best Times and Tactics to Post on Social Media is good to give a read for acknowledging posting types and times for any of your brands.

Content Marketing

Content marketing plays a major roll in your brand’s good online repute. Our blog article How to Find Gaps in Marketing Content? will let you find if your content is according to competitor analysis and if it requires to be changed or not.

Direct Mail Marketing

Sending letters, brochures, postcards, catalogs, newsletters, etc. to your product’s targeted consumers, businesses, or both come under direct mail marketing. It is a great opportunity to get closer to your audience in a shorter time.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC) is not only a marketing strategy but a proper marketing model in which the advertisers rather than organically earning the clicks, pay a fee each time any of their ads is clicked.

Pay Per Click
Pay Per Click Checklist

Pay Per Click Management (PPC) is an advertising model for internet marketing and a very helpful technique for customer acquisition. It is fiscally used to drive traffic to your website. You would have seen sponsored ads on the top of your searches over Google, Bing, or other search engines; yes, those are the paid ads for which the advertisers pay particular publishers.

PPC highly reduces the degree of the wasted budget, boosts the conversion rate, and maximizes the Return on Investment (ROI). ROI can be considered as a scale to measure your digital marketing agency’s performance; the profit and loss statement over a specific investment. Moving back to PPC again, it is not a kid play or a set and forget system, but a proper internet advertising model that demands sufficient details. So, here we are going to give you a checklist as per on the basis of Google AdWords to must keep on the peak areas of your campaign for long-lasting success.

Pay Per Click

Daily Tasks

  1. Check your analytics to see the conversion rate.

Conversion rate refers to the number of your website visitors in percentage.

  1. Keep a check on the ad spending rate.

Ad spending is the revenue generated per advertisement.

  1. Give a review of resources.
  2. Check daily revenue.
  3. Compare today’s performance with yesterday.


Pay Per Click

Weekly Tasks

  1. Analyze the conversion rate.
  2. Eliminate duplicate keywords.
  3. Add new keywords.
  4. Download quality score.

Quality score is an estimation related to the quality of your ads and the significance of both of your Pay Per Click ads and keywords.

  1. Check available resources.
  2. Give a review to low performing ads.
  3. Create a report on A/B testing.

A/B testing is a process of comparing two versions of web pages with one as a variable.

  1. Analyze the keyword match type.

Keyword match types are the parameters which can be set on to the keywords for keeping a check on the searches which trigger your ads to appear.

  1. Stop underperforming keywords.

Under-performing keywords are those which cast down the average quality score.

Bi-Weekly Tasks

  1. Add negative keywords.

Negative keywords filter out the audiences of your ads in two groups; those who will be seeing them and those who will be not. For example, adding “build” as a negative keyword to your campaign means that you are refraining Google AdWords to not to show your ads for the searches containing this keyword.

  1. Expand keywords.
  2. Review ads.
  3. Review the impression share report.

Impression share report gives you the analysis of the impressions you received per the impressions you were entitled to receive.

Pay Per Click


Monthly Tasks

  1. Check campaign settings.
  2. Implement the A/B tests.
  3. Create new keywords.
  4. Review the website landing page.
  5. Compare keywords.
  6. Create new ads.
  7. Review new ads.
  8. Analyze ad copy tests.

Copy testing refers to the testing of all mass media channels. It is done to measure the efficiency of the Pay Per Click management campaign.

  1. Analyze AdWords tool use.
  2. Display the network review.

Bi-Monthly Tasks

  1. Perform geotargeting.

Geotargeting or local Pay Per Click is concerned with delivering the advertisements on the basis of the geographical location of the targeted audience.

  1. Review the company’s historical return.

Historical returns are estimated so as to forecast future returns.


5 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency
5 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing is a technique to attain success in the digital world; the world of internet. It enables you to appear unique out of a bulk of businesses similar to yours.

A perfect digitally marketized business is the one that you see in the top of your search. Knowing this, how unjustified it will be for a business offering excellent services and comprising a crew of intellectuals, yet unknown to google? There are various organizations with very comparative circumstances; entrepreneurs can better understand. Today’s blog is dedicated to them who have neglected their own website because of being so occupied in glorifying the businesses of their clients.

If you are such an entrepreneur, you must hire a Digital Marketing Agency and most importantly a right one. Have a look at these tips and reasons:

5 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Tips to Hire a Right Digital Marketing Agency


Not everything suits everyone! Before directly choosing an agency, you should search for the one which has good repute and is similar to your industry. It must have experience in your business department.


The marketing agency, you want to opt for the progress of your organization, should have no hidden policy. It must work in a fully transparent manner.


Before selecting the digital marketing agency, must determine its credibility. Read out the testimonials of its clients and properly examine it to assure its authenticity.


In this era of technology, it has become very easy to make a website for your business without spending a single penny. So, before selecting the marketing agency, must check for the qualification of its team members.

National or Local

The question is whether to work with a local digital marketing agency or a national one, and the answer is, it depends on multiple factors. If you have a small organization, and a small budget, keep the tips in mind and look for a local agency.

5 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Reduces Your Overall Budget

Outsourcing a Digital Marketing Agency will undoubtedly cost you a far less amount as compared to an in-house setup. Since they work on autonomous contracts, you are just required to pay a fixed amount in a fixed time span, without any need of other expense like employee wages, office lease, etc.

Lets You Work with Experts

It becomes difficult as well as time-consuming for small businesses to afford and understand the use of expensive tools for online marketing. In such scenarios, where a right hired digital marketing agency can save you the money, it can also provide you with quality services to boost the progress of your business.

Stay Related to Your Industry

The hired agency searches for your industry, competitors and your targeted audience. Then on the basis of proper research, adopt the marketing techniques.

Get New Ideas

Since the agency will conduct a proper search for your business, it will get you to know about more marketing strategies. They will not only consider the type of content to be shared with your clients but also the time to share it.

Measurable Results

The agency will determine the marketing metrics to be followed on different channels for effective output. It will also report you about your regular progress.

Mark Web IT is a Digital Marketing Agency. Freely connect us to make your business be on the root of continuous expansion. Stay blessed!

How to Find Gaps in Marketing Content?
How to Find Gaps in Marketing Content?

“Healthy food works as a fuel to the body!” Isn’t it? Today, when the earth is producing more smart workers than the hard workers, we try to fix our every task without moving our legs, and though still need food to stay alive! Similarly, in this era of technology, one of the major medium to convey your message, and to publicize your product/project, or renown yourself is the content written over your website or blog. Since you are not demonstrating your expressions and bodily movements, your content should be enough mature and persistent to fully convey your expected message in minimum time.

How to Find Gaps in Marketing Content?

“The best content necessitates regular optimization!” It is also the backbone of online marketing. What many people use to do is they do not focus on designing a new, creative, and long-lasting content. Rather, they just extricate it as a burden. Remember, “once a champion is always a champion!” So, do give substantial time to your work for once and it will become as “easy to keep up” as “easy to swallow” a dumpling is.

If you are running a Digital Marketing Agency and haven’t focused on your content yet, we are not saying to change your whole marketing strategy but just to renovate it.

How to Find Gaps in Marketing Content?

How to Find Content Gaps?

Okay, you have known the worth of optimized content, the question many administrators may ask is, how to check out the content gaps of my website? In this article, we are sharing the most important ways to find out content gaps in your blogs and websites and to drastically increase your progress. 

How to Find Gaps in Marketing Content?

What are the Public Reviews or Questions Regarding Your Website?

Running a Digital Marketing Agency and knowing your target audience very well is obvious for almost every agency. But how much your audience is aware of the industry? Are they synchronized with your pace? Type one of your important keywords in the search bar of any search engine, it will show you a range of questions comprising that keyword in its drop-down list. Consider all of these questions very important. They will help you out in predicting the mindset of your audience.

How to Find Gaps in Marketing Content?

Are You Doing Content Marketing via Social Media?

Social Media is the best medium to interact with your audience. You can interact with them, know what they want, and identify your worth in the industry. So, do not neglect the opportunity to avail social media for Content Marketing.

If you have a marketing agency providing a bulk of services and you think that you are unique, you are at fault. There are uncountable digital marketing agencies providing the same services which you provide.

You become unique if you do the same thing what your competitor does in a different but better way! And to do better you should know what your competitors are doing. Just keep in mind that either too much resemblance or too much dissimilarity, both are not good.

We are MarkWeb IT! Freely consult us for the rapid progress of your business. Stay blessed!