Tactics to Post on Social Media
The Best Times and Tactics to Post on Social Media

Digital Marketing is considered worthy if it’s deriving your desired audience to your business. Although, without any doubt, it is very important to use excellent content with a blend of professional graphics skills to engage maximum people to your posts; time matters a lot. If your struggle of hours is going worthless, the issue is with nothing else than your post timing.

The best time and day to post on any social media is when most of your audience is online, but keep it in view that every social media demands different timing. See the info-graphic below:


Now there, I need the attention of all Digital Marketing Agencies because here are the “too essential” points to ponder with these days and times:

Tactics to Post on Social Media

The Time Zone

Which countries do you wish to target? Set the time zone accordingly! More audience means more time zones. There are different scheduling tools you can use for the purpose.

Tactics to Post on Social Media

Post What?

Just like the tea lovers prefer tea always and the coffee addicts last for coffee only, not every social media has a similar audience. Here, I have briefly explained what type of material is best to post over the four major social channels.

  1. Facebook users like natural and factual posts, bucket lists, and informational videos.
  2. Instagram users are attracted by alluring features of a particular product and its tags. Live posts and reposting user-content regarding your industry is also a strategic business use to reach more people.
  3. Pinterest is a world of infographics and step-wise picture guides. Your post titles should start with phrases like “how to, tips to, steps to, etc.” but they should all surround your particular domain.
  4. Twitter users are fascinated by short, descriptive content, relevant illustrative visuals, and hashtags. Retweeting and replying also play a vital role in engaging people in your post.

Tactics to Post on Social Media

Fruitful online marketing also requires from you to grow with your targeted audience, ask them for a question, feedback, a success story, a hidden fear, or anything whose solution can roll back to your business. But don’t keep a serious or hurting tone. You can also post relevant cartoon strips concerning your business.

Tactics to Post on Social Media

Social Media Optimization – SMO

MarkWeb IT is a leading digital marketing agency with a crew of intellectuals who know how to market your product or project. Our SMO services include Brand Monitoring, Social Media Contests & Management, and Setup & Custom Profile Designs. These effective strategies have helped many businesses grow and maintain their social presence.  So, if you are running a digital marketing agency, contact us to reach more audience in less time and minimum expense.

5 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency
5 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing is a technique to attain success in the digital world; the world of internet. It enables you to appear unique out of a bulk of businesses similar to yours.

A perfect digitally marketized business is the one that you see in the top of your search. Knowing this, how unjustified it will be for a business offering excellent services and comprising a crew of intellectuals, yet unknown to google? There are various organizations with very comparative circumstances; entrepreneurs can better understand. Today’s blog is dedicated to them who have neglected their own website because of being so occupied in glorifying the businesses of their clients.

If you are such an entrepreneur, you must hire a Digital Marketing Agency and most importantly a right one. Have a look at these tips and reasons:

5 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Tips to Hire a Right Digital Marketing Agency


Not everything suits everyone! Before directly choosing an agency, you should search for the one which has good repute and is similar to your industry. It must have experience in your business department.


The marketing agency, you want to opt for the progress of your organization, should have no hidden policy. It must work in a fully transparent manner.


Before selecting the digital marketing agency, must determine its credibility. Read out the testimonials of its clients and properly examine it to assure its authenticity.


In this era of technology, it has become very easy to make a website for your business without spending a single penny. So, before selecting the marketing agency, must check for the qualification of its team members.

National or Local

The question is whether to work with a local digital marketing agency or a national one, and the answer is, it depends on multiple factors. If you have a small organization, and a small budget, keep the tips in mind and look for a local agency.

5 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Reduces Your Overall Budget

Outsourcing a Digital Marketing Agency will undoubtedly cost you a far less amount as compared to an in-house setup. Since they work on autonomous contracts, you are just required to pay a fixed amount in a fixed time span, without any need of other expense like employee wages, office lease, etc.

Lets You Work with Experts

It becomes difficult as well as time-consuming for small businesses to afford and understand the use of expensive tools for online marketing. In such scenarios, where a right hired digital marketing agency can save you the money, it can also provide you with quality services to boost the progress of your business.

Stay Related to Your Industry

The hired agency searches for your industry, competitors and your targeted audience. Then on the basis of proper research, adopt the marketing techniques.

Get New Ideas

Since the agency will conduct a proper search for your business, it will get you to know about more marketing strategies. They will not only consider the type of content to be shared with your clients but also the time to share it.

Measurable Results

The agency will determine the marketing metrics to be followed on different channels for effective output. It will also report you about your regular progress.

Mark Web IT is a Digital Marketing Agency. Freely connect us to make your business be on the root of continuous expansion. Stay blessed!

How to Find Gaps in Marketing Content?
How to Find Gaps in Marketing Content?

“Healthy food works as a fuel to the body!” Isn’t it? Today, when the earth is producing more smart workers than the hard workers, we try to fix our every task without moving our legs, and though still need food to stay alive! Similarly, in this era of technology, one of the major medium to convey your message, and to publicize your product/project, or renown yourself is the content written over your website or blog. Since you are not demonstrating your expressions and bodily movements, your content should be enough mature and persistent to fully convey your expected message in minimum time.

How to Find Gaps in Marketing Content?

“The best content necessitates regular optimization!” It is also the backbone of online marketing. What many people use to do is they do not focus on designing a new, creative, and long-lasting content. Rather, they just extricate it as a burden. Remember, “once a champion is always a champion!” So, do give substantial time to your work for once and it will become as “easy to keep up” as “easy to swallow” a dumpling is.

If you are running a Digital Marketing Agency and haven’t focused on your content yet, we are not saying to change your whole marketing strategy but just to renovate it.

How to Find Gaps in Marketing Content?

How to Find Content Gaps?

Okay, you have known the worth of optimized content, the question many administrators may ask is, how to check out the content gaps of my website? In this article, we are sharing the most important ways to find out content gaps in your blogs and websites and to drastically increase your progress. 

How to Find Gaps in Marketing Content?

What are the Public Reviews or Questions Regarding Your Website?

Running a Digital Marketing Agency and knowing your target audience very well is obvious for almost every agency. But how much your audience is aware of the industry? Are they synchronized with your pace? Type one of your important keywords in the search bar of any search engine, it will show you a range of questions comprising that keyword in its drop-down list. Consider all of these questions very important. They will help you out in predicting the mindset of your audience.

How to Find Gaps in Marketing Content?

Are You Doing Content Marketing via Social Media?

Social Media is the best medium to interact with your audience. You can interact with them, know what they want, and identify your worth in the industry. So, do not neglect the opportunity to avail social media for Content Marketing.

If you have a marketing agency providing a bulk of services and you think that you are unique, you are at fault. There are uncountable digital marketing agencies providing the same services which you provide.

You become unique if you do the same thing what your competitor does in a different but better way! And to do better you should know what your competitors are doing. Just keep in mind that either too much resemblance or too much dissimilarity, both are not good.

We are MarkWeb IT! Freely consult us for the rapid progress of your business. Stay blessed!

Visual Search is an E-commerce Revolution!
Visual Search is an E-commerce Revolution!

In the leading age of this fast-driven technical world, big industries are rapidly switching towards the visual search for providing their customers with a more understanding and faster medium to interact with e-commerce.

Famous proverb “A picture is worth a thousand words” manifests the importance of visual search!Visual Search is an E-commerce Revolution!

You would be shocked to know that our brain processes the visual information 60,000 times faster than the text-type information. It merely requires a time of less than 1/10 of a second.

With this much progress, doesn’t read an extensive description of a single scene seems too tedious? For you to keep up with technology, the business specialists of MarkWeb IT have gathered some interesting information to pay heed.

Visual Search is an E-commerce Revolution!

So, let’s start with seeing what is this visual search in actual?

Visual Search is a time saving, convenient, and beneficial strategy that is being fused in famed applications and websites, and has already been adopted by well-known search engines.

Visual Search is an E-commerce Revolution!

What is the Process?

The process to achieve accurate searches is performed via machine learning and artificial neural network programming which help a search engine to give precise results in a shortest possible time.

Visual Search is an E-commerce Revolution!

What does it Involve?

Visual Search involves a pictorial illustration of a particular user query, rather than providing a textual or voice-based answer. You can also add filters to your search regarding the color, size, type, time or even labeling.

Visual Search is an E-commerce Revolution!

Key Players of Visual Search

The tycoons of visual search are:

  • Pinterest
  • Google
  • TinEye

Visual Search is an E-commerce Revolution!Pinterest

Lens Your Look

Pinterest is probably one of the best search engines, which is used by 250 million people every month! Pinterest Lens is the new and the most advanced evolution in the industry of Visual Search that receives 600+ visual searches every month!

Use Pinterest Lens to find out the outfit designs which compliment your own self. Just take a picture of a thing from your home or closet that may be related to fashion, home decor, food, tattoos, cats, or what so ever to you text search area, and you will simply get a range of best ideas to try over!

Visual Search is an E-commerce Revolution!


Search What You See!

The topmost search engine Google proudly introduces after Google Goggles, the “Google Lens”. Whether it’s an attractive outfit, a place to explore, a mouth-watering meal, an unknown plant or an animal Google Lens gives you a completely different way to search.

It analyzes images and gives relevant result in milliseconds. Since being linked to Google Photos, Google Assistant, and iOS; it can be directly accessed from there. However, every phone isn’t compatible with it (Google Lens).

Visual Search is an E-commerce Revolution!


Reverse Image Search!

TinEye is a compatible search engine for image search and recognition. With a high search accuracy, it is very reliable to find anything that anywhere exists over the internet.

All you have to do to find the secret homes of a specific item all around the internet is to just upload the image in neglectable time and see the interesting result!

For the best progress of your business, feel free to get in touch with MarkWeb IT!

New Business Website
What are the Options for a New Business Website?

If you have been planning on making a new business website, make sure to get it clear that the century, we are living in, is 21st the age today, is digital and that we are not the poppycock to present an absurd look of our business over the grown-up internet!

Website development today is a substantial tactic to market a business and most businesses are rapidly switching toward online marketing. Their websites have become their face. But the point to think over is, much the same as your home needs a layer of paint with the passage of time, your site also requires to be refreshed or rebranded with each and every welcome in the advanced world. Anyways, whatever your motive is, these are the options you must consider for your new business website.

Business Website

Free Website Builders

These are the platforms which let you make a professional website for your business easily and for free. So, if you do not know how to code, don’t be tense and just select one best out of a pile of lovely templates over the internet. WIX, WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly, Shopify, and numerous service providers are there to give your business an elegant evolution. Free website builder templates are good for small organizations.

Options for a New Business Website

Modifying the Template

Once you have decided on a perfect template for your business, the next thing is to mold it. This is the task of a technical person, so, you need a designer to design the template according to the needs of your business. Template modification can fall heavy on your pocket but quite less than a website specially designed.

Options for New Business Website

Using a Custom-Made Web Design Agency

Good and trusted custom-made or more specifically bespoke web design agencies are the best companion of a business which craves for success. They although cost more than an in-house developer or designer, but freed you from the worries regarding your success. At MarkWeb IT, we provide our clients with a complete range of excellent digital marketing services and facilities. From web to e-commerce development, get it all under our single umbrella.

A New Business Website

Does My Website Need Renovation?

Plan a lot before making this decision. Check for your business goals and see the website; what it’s lacking. If the site is not bearing fruitful results, go for it. Set your new site goals, its services, its appearance, working procedure, and flow before moving toward designing.

Business Website Design

It’s All About the Cost!

The more the sweat the more the reward. Your budget, the time, and your effort, and requirements-overall these four factors decide on how much the search engines are going to be in love with your website.

Website Business

For any type of developing or marketing service without getting out of your budget, connect us freely. MarkWeb IT comprises a professional crew of intellectuals who know how to make the success accessible to every business.

Pitfalls in the Digital Age
Communication Pitfalls in the Digital Age

Today, in this digital world, communication has become easy and necessary yet crucial and complicated!


Communication Pitfalls in Digital Age

New technologies are taking the position of old ones in quite shorter moments. But with every single addition of technology, this apparent simple communication is getting more mingled, especially for Digital Marketing Agencies (DMAs). Almost every field of DMA necessitates expert communication skills, and none is the field where you cannot accomplish it. Its all about how you tackle the situation. In this article, I’ll share the most common pitfalls of online communication and their possible solutions.

Pitfalls in the Digital Age

Managing Numerous Virtual Communications

Running a DMA is not an easy task. In fact, for a good progress of your organization, you have to put your interests far behind the interests and benefits of your organization. It’s not about the brand manager only, but for every dedicated field expert, communication is the key to the perfection of his/her work product. At times, it becomes very difficult to manage multiple communications with all of different nature in a single time. Online world comprises an excess of tech-based options for you to converse with each other. You will get shocked to know that according to statista.com, 281.1 billion e-mails were sent and received in 2018, and this amount is expected to get up to 333.2 billion in 2022.


It’s alright that you do not have a computer mind to stay active and fresh for every talk. Words get mixed sometimes, and even the messages between two parties get crossed but try to take it easy. Do not overwhelm things on your mind, have a cup of coffee with you, enjoy your job, and I guarantee you that you’ll be feeling much better and happy!

Communication Pitfalls in the Digital Age

Lost in Reading

A big pitfall of virtual communication is that you cannot see your clients. It means that you cannot perceive their body language for better understanding their requirements, which in turn refers to the delivery of a work product that was not expected by your client. The point is, when you are managing more than ten online conversations in a single time with a single brain, it doesn’t show your intelligence at all. Try to keep things simpler and easier.


When you can well understand your clients’ requirements physically then must not go for an online meetup. Face-to-face communication is more beneficial than multiple virtual meetups. It lets both the parties perceive each other more accurately.

Communication Pitfalls

Do You Have Your Own Digital Marketing Agency?

If yes, then is it getting your worthwhile attention?  Nine out of ten readers are going to say no! Are you one of those nines? Not a problem!

Your website is the face of your business, and it must be attractive enough to grab your reader’s attention. MarkWeb IT has been the best and sincere buddy of Digital Marketing Agencies. We boast all marketing services which can unquestionably lift up your company to the sky. Stay Blessed!