Visual Search is an E-commerce Revolution!
Visual Search is an E-commerce Revolution!

In the leading age of this fast-driven technical world, big industries are rapidly switching towards the visual search for providing their customers with a more understanding and faster medium to interact with e-commerce.

Famous proverb “A picture is worth a thousand words” manifests the importance of visual search!Visual Search is an E-commerce Revolution!

You would be shocked to know that our brain processes the visual information 60,000 times faster than the text-type information. It merely requires a time of less than 1/10 of a second.

With this much progress, doesn’t read an extensive description of a single scene seems too tedious? For you to keep up with technology, the business specialists of MarkWeb IT have gathered some interesting information to pay heed.

Visual Search is an E-commerce Revolution!

So, let’s start with seeing what is this visual search in actual?

Visual Search is a time saving, convenient, and beneficial strategy that is being fused in famed applications and websites, and has already been adopted by well-known search engines.

Visual Search is an E-commerce Revolution!

What is the Process?

The process to achieve accurate searches is performed via machine learning and artificial neural network programming which help a search engine to give precise results in a shortest possible time.

Visual Search is an E-commerce Revolution!

What does it Involve?

Visual Search involves a pictorial illustration of a particular user query, rather than providing a textual or voice-based answer. You can also add filters to your search regarding the color, size, type, time or even labeling.

Visual Search is an E-commerce Revolution!

Key Players of Visual Search

The tycoons of visual search are:

  • Pinterest
  • Google
  • TinEye

Visual Search is an E-commerce Revolution!Pinterest

Lens Your Look

Pinterest is probably one of the best search engines, which is used by 250 million people every month! Pinterest Lens is the new and the most advanced evolution in the industry of Visual Search that receives 600+ visual searches every month!

Use Pinterest Lens to find out the outfit designs which compliment your own self. Just take a picture of a thing from your home or closet that may be related to fashion, home decor, food, tattoos, cats, or what so ever to you text search area, and you will simply get a range of best ideas to try over!

Visual Search is an E-commerce Revolution!


Search What You See!

The topmost search engine Google proudly introduces after Google Goggles, the “Google Lens”. Whether it’s an attractive outfit, a place to explore, a mouth-watering meal, an unknown plant or an animal Google Lens gives you a completely different way to search.

It analyzes images and gives relevant result in milliseconds. Since being linked to Google Photos, Google Assistant, and iOS; it can be directly accessed from there. However, every phone isn’t compatible with it (Google Lens).

Visual Search is an E-commerce Revolution!


Reverse Image Search!

TinEye is a compatible search engine for image search and recognition. With a high search accuracy, it is very reliable to find anything that anywhere exists over the internet.

All you have to do to find the secret homes of a specific item all around the internet is to just upload the image in neglectable time and see the interesting result!

For the best progress of your business, feel free to get in touch with MarkWeb IT!

New Business Website
What are the Options for a New Business Website?

If you have been planning on making a new business website, make sure to get it clear that the century, we are living in, is 21st the age today, is digital and that we are not the poppycock to present an absurd look of our business over the grown-up internet!

Website development today is a substantial tactic to market a business and most businesses are rapidly switching toward online marketing. Their websites have become their face. But the point to think over is, much the same as your home needs a layer of paint with the passage of time, your site also requires to be refreshed or rebranded with each and every welcome in the advanced world. Anyways, whatever your motive is, these are the options you must consider for your new business website.

Business Website

Free Website Builders

These are the platforms which let you make a professional website for your business easily and for free. So, if you do not know how to code, don’t be tense and just select one best out of a pile of lovely templates over the internet. WIX, WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly, Shopify, and numerous service providers are there to give your business an elegant evolution. Free website builder templates are good for small organizations.

Options for a New Business Website

Modifying the Template

Once you have decided on a perfect template for your business, the next thing is to mold it. This is the task of a technical person, so, you need a designer to design the template according to the needs of your business. Template modification can fall heavy on your pocket but quite less than a website specially designed.

Options for New Business Website

Using a Custom-Made Web Design Agency

Good and trusted custom-made or more specifically bespoke web design agencies are the best companion of a business which craves for success. They although cost more than an in-house developer or designer, but freed you from the worries regarding your success. At MarkWeb IT, we provide our clients with a complete range of excellent digital marketing services and facilities. From web to e-commerce development, get it all under our single umbrella.

A New Business Website

Does My Website Need Renovation?

Plan a lot before making this decision. Check for your business goals and see the website; what it’s lacking. If the site is not bearing fruitful results, go for it. Set your new site goals, its services, its appearance, working procedure, and flow before moving toward designing.

Business Website Design

It’s All About the Cost!

The more the sweat the more the reward. Your budget, the time, and your effort, and requirements-overall these four factors decide on how much the search engines are going to be in love with your website.

Website Business

For any type of developing or marketing service without getting out of your budget, connect us freely. MarkWeb IT comprises a professional crew of intellectuals who know how to make the success accessible to every business.

Pitfalls in the Digital Age
Communication Pitfalls in the Digital Age

Today, in this digital world, communication has become easy and necessary yet crucial and complicated!


Communication Pitfalls in Digital Age

New technologies are taking the position of old ones in quite shorter moments. But with every single addition of technology, this apparent simple communication is getting more mingled, especially for Digital Marketing Agencies (DMAs). Almost every field of DMA necessitates expert communication skills, and none is the field where you cannot accomplish it. Its all about how you tackle the situation. In this article, I’ll share the most common pitfalls of online communication and their possible solutions.

Pitfalls in the Digital Age

Managing Numerous Virtual Communications

Running a DMA is not an easy task. In fact, for a good progress of your organization, you have to put your interests far behind the interests and benefits of your organization. It’s not about the brand manager only, but for every dedicated field expert, communication is the key to the perfection of his/her work product. At times, it becomes very difficult to manage multiple communications with all of different nature in a single time. Online world comprises an excess of tech-based options for you to converse with each other. You will get shocked to know that according to, 281.1 billion e-mails were sent and received in 2018, and this amount is expected to get up to 333.2 billion in 2022.


It’s alright that you do not have a computer mind to stay active and fresh for every talk. Words get mixed sometimes, and even the messages between two parties get crossed but try to take it easy. Do not overwhelm things on your mind, have a cup of coffee with you, enjoy your job, and I guarantee you that you’ll be feeling much better and happy!

Communication Pitfalls in the Digital Age

Lost in Reading

A big pitfall of virtual communication is that you cannot see your clients. It means that you cannot perceive their body language for better understanding their requirements, which in turn refers to the delivery of a work product that was not expected by your client. The point is, when you are managing more than ten online conversations in a single time with a single brain, it doesn’t show your intelligence at all. Try to keep things simpler and easier.


When you can well understand your clients’ requirements physically then must not go for an online meetup. Face-to-face communication is more beneficial than multiple virtual meetups. It lets both the parties perceive each other more accurately.

Communication Pitfalls

Do You Have Your Own Digital Marketing Agency?

If yes, then is it getting your worthwhile attention?  Nine out of ten readers are going to say no! Are you one of those nines? Not a problem!

Your website is the face of your business, and it must be attractive enough to grab your reader’s attention. MarkWeb IT has been the best and sincere buddy of Digital Marketing Agencies. We boast all marketing services which can unquestionably lift up your company to the sky. Stay Blessed!

Benefits of Blogging for Business

Business blogging is a powerful marketing essential to boost the online visibility of your business. It is an online and informal journal that lets vast communities reflect their views about a particular field of the subject, and the businesses to understand their true audience thus to serve them in the best possible way.

Famous multitalented writer George Siemens beautifully describe blogging as:

“Where the Internet is about the availability of information, blogging is about making information creation available to anyone.”

Blogging for Business

Most of the agencies know the worth of blogging and utilize this tactic to sustain their position on the peak of success. Others who do consider blogging important somehow are not that much well off to use costly content marketing tools as their prop to stand against their competitors. Anyways at MarkWeb IT, we tailor a custom-made content marketing and management policies for our every respected client at reasonable price plans. Our professionals use efficient tools to provide the clients with the website and blog content that will unquestionably convince web users to click through to your website for becoming your permanent customer.

For those organizations who want success but do not know how to, in this article, we are sharing the top important business blogging techniques and strategies.

Benefits of Blogging

SEO in Business Blogging

One liner to define the importance of Search Engine Optimization in a business’s success is that it functions best to increase organic traffic to your website through blogs.

Here at MarkWeb IT, we use SEO tools to increase organic search to your website, to increase its visibility, and to increase its search engine ranking. Our key SEO services work to display optimized and compelling blogs to lift your sales.

Business Blogging

Brand Awareness and Lead Generation in Business Blogging

Brand Awareness refers to how much familiar the customers are with the specs of a specific brand. Lead Generation as the name suggests is the beginning of customer interest into products or services of a business.

These terms when brought and followed together, are used for brand marketing.

MarkWeb IT professionals create compelling blogs to grab the attention of our clients’ audience to build a strong association between our client brand and its audience. Our eye catchy blogs guaranty the increasing relevant traffic to our client’s website.

Benefits of Blog Writing for Business

Strategies for Business Blogging

For availing business blog marketing:

  • Make a clear understanding of the concept that your blog should comprise wide industry news more than half of your own company news.
  • Publish blogs every day, week, or fortnight if you do not have the capacity to publish daily.
  • Use keywords to reach a more targeted audience.
  • Add images to your blogs. Also, go for videos and infographics if possible.
  • Before writing, always set a goal, choose a good topic, and stay goal specific always!

Running a brand is not an easy task. Focusing on every marketing aspect alone becomes difficult but MarkWeb IT is the best companion of every business! If you want to see your business to the top of success, connect with Us now! We have a vast pool of services along with business blogging. Stay blessed always!


Top Tips to increase Organic Search to Your Online Business
Top Tips to increase Organic Search to Your Online Business

Today, the latest technologies have made the world so fast and interconnected that man’s every requirement is now just at a few clicks distance. However, for a customer’s single need, there come a pile of service providers making it difficult for him/her to decide what to opt and what to not. For those who are running their own online business, it becomes even more difficult to gain public interest in order to drive organic traffic to their businesses. If you are one of those in need to know about how to increase organic traffic to their online businesses, we are sharing in this article top strategies for the purpose.

Tips to increase Organic Search of Your Online Business

Ensure Creating an Excellent Content

Building organic traffic is not easy at all. You must create the best content for your website. It requires time and effort to put today a content for tomorrow. Creating content just to off-load an obligation can cause permanent damage to your market repute. Know that your website is the face of your business; it must be perfect.

Increase Organic Search to Your Online Business

Know the worth of SEO

If you are going to add excellent content on the face of your business, the website, you must have a solid Search Engine Optimization strategy which will make your business website appear on the top of search results. It is called E-commerce SEO to increase E-commerce traffic. SEO is the best marketing tactic to make Google and other search engines be in love with your site.

Top Tips to increase Organic Search

Go with the General Keywords

To let your customers find you easily, add right keywords on your pages, blogs, and product images. Here, with “right keywords,” I mean those which are related to your E-commerce business. Have a good understanding of your customer’s personality to know their interests. To add these right keywords, you need to identify them first. Look for head and long-tail keywords.

Head Keywords are two to three keyword phrases placed on the page title, meta title, and meta description. These are also called Body Keywords. On the other hand, Long Tail Keywords are three to four keyword phrases related to your product or what you are offering your targeted audience. These must be very specific.

Tips to increase Organic Search

Do Email Marketing

Email marketing is all about sending the correct message to correct person in the correct time and correct way! It is a quick, cost-effective, and valuable strategy to drive organic traffic to your online business. Email marketing liberates you to go beyond your targeted audience and attract those people to be your loyal customers who have never been before.

Tips to Increase Organic Search to Your Online Business

Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

To beat your competitors in being more important for search engines, know the keywords they are using for ranking. The question is how to know about what keywords they are using, and the answer is to use online tools. Make sure your keywords are much better and explanatory than those of your competitors’ and also never use the same keywords on multiple pages of your websites.

Here, at MarkWeb IT, we have a team of professionals to knit every aspect of your business. We have a range of services to boost your audience organically. So, if you are running an online business, don’t hesitate in choosing MarkWeb IT because we are your brand’s best friends! Stay blessed.